The Lewis born poet Iain Crichton Smith observes in his poem “In the Dark” that creativity can be an unsteady journey. The empty space is waiting to be filled, or else – it is awaiting us to happen upon it and discover what is there, what tracks have been made before by others who journeyed out. For Smith the journey begins in the dark but is a hungering after “magnanimous light” –

“which is the page and the reason for the page
the space which tempts us out to voyage
beyond the field, beyond its fenced limit.”

The aim of this site is to talk poetry in a way that is casual but informative. Emerging poets, established poets and those in between will be given space to discuss different aspects of their work. The average length of a clip is around six minutes. The filming has been kept deliberately low key. The site will also have readings by some of the poets of their work. I plan to do some short videos on literary history and take a look at some places of interest. The main goals are: keep it brief, keep it chatty, and keep it interesting.